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Ukraine: The Battle for the Future of Humanity.

Imperialist defeat, worse than Korea and Vietnam. 5 Phases
of the Third World War in Progress.
Dr. Heinz Dieterich, Coordinator, World Advanced Research Project, WARP


1. Worse defeat than in Korea and Vietnam. The Penta-Centric Ecumene is born.
2. Humanity’s last Chance for Liberation?
3. Systemic propensity (evolution) of the Penta-Centric Ecumene.
4. Tsunami of fake news to cover up Catastrophic Defeat
5. The Western Propaganda Sewer
6. War reality vs. NATO fascist propaganda
7. Despair of 21st Century Fascist Propagandists
8. The Evolution of the War in Five Phases
9. Political-symbolic operation by military Means. Phase 1
10. Washington misinterprets symbolic military action as weakness. Activates NATO's Barbarossa Plan. Phase 2
11. Russia goes to Strategic Defense and prepares the Great Patriotic War of Survival. Phase 3
12. The Defeat of Atlantic Imperialism (NATO) and its causes: Ignorance, Hybris and Deep State domination of the dysfunctional capitalist system. Phase 4.1
13. Washington Repeats the Strategic Mistakes of Korea and Vietnam
14. Washington's Defeat in Vietnam
15. The “Lesson of Vietnam” and the War in Ukraine
16. Russia and China: Imperialism only understands the language of power
17. Sinophobic hybris of gringo imperialism
18. Putin's Vanguard Leadership and All-Star Team
19. Combined Arms Warfare of the 21st Century War and Strategic Russian counterattack. Phase 4.2
20. Biden Visit and Armageddon. Towards Nuclear War? Phase 5
21. The Bourgeois-Capitalist Dystopia and the Future of Humanity

1. Worse defeat than in Korea and Vietnam. The Penta-Centric Ecumene is born.

The resounding military failure of Washington and its NATO war appendage in its proxy war of aggression against Russia in the Ukraine, is the most disastrous military defeat that the Atlantic Imperialism --United States plus European Union-- has suffered since 1945. It is a catastrophic defeat for the global hegemon, that is worse than its final surrender in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. For the simple reason that both setbacks in Asia did not change the global macro-balance of power between the imperialist bloc and the socialist bloc, nor the supremacy of the United States in the Collective West.

The defeat in Ukraine, on the other hand, expresses the irrevocable collapse of the American Century and of the global pax americana, installed by Washington in the post-1945 era, and its replacement by the new penta-centric ecumenical system co-administered by China, Russia, India, the United States and the European Union.

2. Humanity’s last Chance for Liberation?

The imperialist war to destroy Russia may be the final nail in the coffin of Bourgeoise Civilization because it is demonstrating in a very real, prolonged, and bloody way, that the Western discourse of liberal democracy and a rules based global system is nothing more than an instrument of global-scale ideological domination. A perception management and brainwashing system that the dominant North-Atlantic part of the ecumene has used for five hundred years to ideologically enslave the rest of the world. Now, the brutal unprovoked aggression against Russia in the heart of Europe, which in one year has claimed the lives of over 300,000 people and the displacement of millions more, is rapidly destroying the cherished fable of the Collective West´s dominant classes about their progressive democratic bourgeois states.

Nowhere is that more visible than in the demise of the legend of the Scandinavian welfare states, which have been the global attractor par excellence for most of all past transition leaders of the Third World, as our respective CTS-model has shown. But with Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands etc., falling in line in a slave like manner with the criminal aggression of Atlantic Imperialism against Russia, they have become forensic evidence that –due to their capitalist nature-- they are first and foremost imperialist instruments of global class struggle. Reactionary tools of global and national class struggle, because their chrematistic market economies and grand bourgeoisie dependence leave no room for the democratic illusions of the founding fathers, to become reality in the global capitalist system.

That is, in fact, no surprise for any serious scientist, because all human class societies for the last 5,000 years have been prototypical bio spheric predator-prey systems. And the bourgeois civilization is, of course, no exception to that general law of phylogenetic civilizatory evolution of homo sapiens. But now, that the imperialist war against Russia and China has shattered the essential software substratum of the bourgeois order, a phase change in the global organizational structures of mankind may become possible, overcoming the chrematistic institutional cancer of the species, that befall it about five millenniums ago.

We don’t know, if the current phase change will be transient or effectively take hold and lead to a new consolidated systemic order. In political terms, whether the future of mankind will be 21st Century Socialism, 21st Century capitalist Imperialism and Fascism, or the nuclear holocaust. But the currently emerging polycentric world system at least presents an objective possibility, to transcend all class societies and leave the brutal laws of conduct of the biosphere behind. Whether that historic opportunity will be taken advantage of by homo sapiens or not, depends on the capabilities of individual and collective critical social subjects, to organize the majority of people in the ecumene and convince them, that the bourgeois experiment in democracy has miserably failed.

3. Systemic propensity (evolution) of the Penta-Centric Ecumene.

That penta-centric system is characterized by dynamic balances of strategic power that vary according to fluctuating alliances, which, in turn, are determined by three fundamental attractors of contemporary global society.

1. The production, appropriation, and distribution of the world surplus product (Globaler Mehrwert).

2. The accumulation of geostrategic power in its four basic forms -economic, cultural, political and military- as a decisive means to prevail in that archetypal race of the biosphere between predators, competitors and prey.

3. The war propensity of the capitalist systemic structure in its upper phase of Imperialism and Fascism of the 21st Century. In other words, the relationship between the “system structure and war propensity” of nations with a market economic economy.

During the next decade, the new system will have a strong antagonistic-binary propensity with high danger of nuclear confrontation between the Imperialist Bloc of the Collective West (BIOC), led by Washington, and the Bloc of National Strategic Sovereignties (BSEN), led by China and Russia, with India in an opportunist-attentive attitude and position and the European Union as a vassal state of Anglo-American imperialism.

4. Tsunami of fake news to cover up Catastrophic Defeat

Faced with the disastrous military defeat of Washington and its NATO vassals -- which signals a phase change in the organizational structure of the entire humanity (sic) -- Atlantic Imperialism has opened the floodgates of its sewers of propaganda, desperately trying to conceal its ruin and weakness from world public opinion.

The main meme of the racist and Russophobe propaganda that travels the world, derives from the admired Fuehrer of the neo-Nazis in Kiev, Adolf Hitler and his party of the German "National Sozialismus" (NSDAP): "the Russians" are Untermenschen, inferior beings, primitive and uncivilized people, guided by an autocratic dictator (Zar); an army led by incapable generals, who sacrifice young soldiers as "cannon fodder" in their wars of aggression in an empire protected by the immensity of the steppes and the inclemency of its climate. All this manifests itself, according to the propaganda sewer of the collective West, in the supposed tactics of Russian "human wave" infantry attacks against Ukrainian fortified positions. A déjà vu, according to the sewer, of alleged savage suicide tactics of the Red Army in World War II, which in the Ukrainian theater of operation have supposedly caused abysmal Russian losses in human resources and military equipment.

5. The Western Propaganda Sewer

Among these sycophants of the criminal war of aggression of the American and European (Atlantic) Neocons are, among others, the German scribbler Andreas Kluth, opinion columnist for Bloomberg News Service; the Russian ex-military commander Igor V. Girkin (Igor Ivanovich Strelkov), who, incidentally, commands zero respect in the Russian Armed Forces; and the war criminal Jens Stoltenberg, a Norwegian quisling imposed by the Pentagon in the position of Secretary General of NATO.

Representative of this black propaganda is a recent article by Kluth in Bloomberg, picked up by the Washington Post, entitled: The “human wave attacks” (against Ukrainian fortified positions, H.D,) are another step towards hell, using young soldiers as cannon fodder… This is Putin…”.

In his pamphlet Kluth states, among others, the following fake news: “As the war approaches its first anniversary, increasing numbers of Russians in Ukraine — both regular soldiers and Wagner mercenaries — are being treated by their superiors as “cannon fodder… Barely trained and often badly armed, they're ordered to throw themselves at the more hardened Ukrainian defenders, in a cynical tactic based on overwhelming the enemy with sheer numbers”.

The quisling Stoltenberg has no qualms about repeating that stupid lie, claiming that Russia is trying to make up for its poor equipment and logistics, with the strategy of "only throwing waves of people onto the defensive lines." A simple replay of discredited Russian blogger Strelkov´s false allegations about the Russian military, looking for herostratic fame.

6. War reality vs. NATO fascist propaganda

The reality on the battlefield is the exact opposite of what the German scribbler, lacking in both elementary military knowledge and professional ethics, proclaims. Who sacrifices hundreds of thousands of young Ukrainians in an imperialist War of Aggression doomed a priori to fail, are Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and his neo-Nazi puppet Zelensky in Kyiv. Two simple war parameters suffice to refute the crude lies of Kluth, Stoltenberg et al. and illustrate the facts of the battlefield: 1. the "irrecoverable" human casualties and 2. the destroyed advanced military equipment.

5.1 The mortality rates of both armies during the 365 days of the conflict, that is, the number of human losses of the combatants of both sides, reveal with absolute clarity the differences of the operational tactics and strategies used by both military forces. According to confidential and reliable data of the Russian Army, the irrecoverable casualties of the Russian Armed Forces reach about 25,000. Instead, the irrecoverable casualties of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including NATO and international mercenaries, reach around 300,000! Therefore, the differential death rates between the two forces are in a numerical relationship of 1 to 12. For historical comparisons: Ukrainian casualties in one year of the conflict are equal to all the casualties suffered by the United States in almost four years of belligerence on all fronts (Pacific, Atlantic) of World War II.

5.2 The destruction of advanced war equipment (hardware) is another precise parameter to show the absurdity of NATO´s neo nazi post-truth propaganda claims. In one year of armed conflict Russian forces have destroyed 8,250 armored combat vehicles, including more than 2,500 tanks (!). Modern main battle tanks are, of course, not destroyed by heroic infantry Rambos in lone bazooka-wielding sniper pits, as the neo-Nazi propaganda in the early phase of the war tried to make world opinion believe. Basically, they are destroyed by the enemy´s main battle tanks, artillery and missile strikes, attacks of ground support fighter planes, drones and combat helicopters. That is, by high technology of either of the adversaries.

And the same is true for the destruction of Ukrainian air combat assets, of which 402 combat planes and more than 220 helicopters and 3,385 drones have been shot down in just one year. Does any reasonably informed rational person think that all these successes could have been accomplished by incapable Russian officers and human waves of “barely trained and often badly armed infantry men”?

7. Despair of 21st Century Fascist Propagandists

How desperate does billionaire capitalist Michael Bloomberg, former presidential hopeful of the liberal-fascist Democratic Party, and an important part of the imperialist military-industrial-media complex, have to be --at the side of the tireless mega-speculator and promoter of global Color Counter-Revolutions George Soros-- for hiring a dilettante like Kluth? And, how much will he have paid to that military illiterate, who is not even capable of shielding his post-truth memes with some moderately convincing apology?

8. The Evolution of Warfare in Five Phases

The evolution of the armed conflict in Ukraine during the first 365 days of operations shows five clearly distinguishable phases:

Phase 1. Special Military Russian Operation to achieve negotiations: the primarily symbolic War.

Phase 2. Washington: Total Proxy War of Aggression: Operation Barbarossa 2.0.

Phase 3. Russia: Strategic Defense and preparation for the Great Patriotic War for Survival.

Phase 4. Combined Arms Warfare of the 21st Century and Strategic Russian Counterattack.

Phase 5. Nuclear War?

9. Political-symbolic operation by military Means. Phase 1.

The principal war aim of the Special Military Operation was to achieve a negotiated post-conflict solution with Washington and its vassals. It was a predominantly political-symbolic operation or, in the words of Carl von Clausewitz: "The continuation of politics by other means." Having insistently committed himself since his historic speech at the Muenchen Security Conference on February 10, 2007, as well as after the start of the Euromaidan coup in November 2013, to peacefully resolve the Donbass issue, President Vladimir Putin finally arrived at the conclusion, that a demonstration of military power was inevitable, if Moscow wanted to force Washington to negotiate seriously and prevent the great offensive of aggression against the Donbass and Crimea, planned for February 2022.

Russian operational military evidence in this regard is conclusively indicative. Moscow's war instructions forbade the destruction of the Ukrainian infrastructure; they renounced regime change in Kyiv; they excluded the physical liquidation of neo-Nazi war criminal Zelensky by a long range precision missile strike; the occupation of the country was unambiguously excluded from the three principal war aims: denazification, demilitarization and neutrality of Ukraine; the Ukrainian civilian population had to be protected and the international law of war respected; last but not least, the conquest of Kyiv was never contemplated as a tactical objective of the operation. The respective deployment of forces was nothing more than a decoy, a distraction maneuver to fool the enemy about the real direction of the war efforts on the ground.

Summarizing the information of this chapter: The mobilization of relatively few Russian troops with few advanced weapons systems (hardware), as well as the limited purposes of the war (war aims), which were publicly (sic) announced by the Russian president at the beginning of the conflict, are irrefutable forensic evidence of the predominantly symbolic character of the legitimate Russian special defensive-preventive military operation in Ukraine.

10. Washington misinterprets symbolic military action as weakness. Activate NATO's Barbarossa Plan. Phase 2.

By misinterpreting Putin's preeminently symbolic military-diplomatic operation as a sign of weakness, Atlantic Imperialism (US plus EU) changed the character of the war. The brainless neocon imperial planners and politicians who dominate Washington, decided that the time and opportunity had come to terminate the anti-communist crusade, which Der Fuehrer had started in 1941, but could not consummate, despite killing more than 30 million people in Russia. The warmongers were also emboldened by the fact that the Ukrainian army was nearly twice as strong as Russia's in February 2022, because Moscow had been confident that a small professional army of some 175,000 combat troops was sufficient to defend the country.

Consequently, the neocon bellicists decided to restart Hitler's Operation Barbarossa (Unternehmen Barbarossa) in a version 2.0, unleashing an all-out global war and proxy campaign through means of economic destruction; the obliteration of supply lines, financial and communication networks; the illegal confiscation of assets; political isolation and a fascist campaign of black propaganda throughout the planet.

On the military level, they proceeded to an open military intervention of NATO through the permanent supply of tactical and strategic intelligence; the operational direction, in detail, of the US HIMARS rocket attacks against the population and civilian infrastructure of the liberated territories; the globally organized supply of advanced weaponry, neo-Nazis, mercenaries and special military forces; a massive counter-offensive in Kharkov and Donbass, in the style of Hitler's Battle of the Bulge (1944); international terrorist operations such as political assassinations in Russia; the attack on the Crimean bridge; naval and aerial attack drones against the Russian Navy base inSevastopol; the Pearl Harbor-type attack against Nordstream 2; the lethal attack on the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, etc.

With these decisions, the war entered its second phase, which with the nomenklatura of the Nazis can justifiably be called: der totale Krieg.

11. Russia goes to Strategic Defense and prepares the Great Patriotic War of Survival. Phase 3.

Confronted with the collective West's Hitlerian Operation Barbarossa 2.0, Russia was forced – on pain of being destroyed – to qualitatively modify the nature of its limited special military operation. The country's political and military vanguard, correctly adapting to the new binary-antagonistic environment, resolved to move from symbolic-diplomatic warfare to strategic defense and mobilization for the Great Patriotic War of Survival.

A selective conscription of 300,000 people with military experience was implemented, including the acceptance of international volunteers. A larger part of advanced military equipment (hardware) was activated and deployed. The arms industry was strengthened to be able to sustain a prolonged war. The military command was unified, and operational tactics were reorganized under the command of the brilliant Army General Sergey Vladimirovich Surovikin, who defeated the imperialist project of the Islamic Caliphate in Syria, instrumented by Washington and Saudi Arabia via a proxy war of its fundamentalist Wahhabi Daesh column. Finally, security structures were improved in the liberated regions through the formation of territorial defense militias, among other precautionary measures.

In a final step, the logic of Combined Arms Warfare—tanks, artillery, rockets, infantry, aerospace forces, electronic warfare, psychological warfare— was implemented under the supreme command of military genius General Valerie Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. Gerasimov managed to adapt this form of industrialized warfare, originally developed during the First World War, in a very short time period to the conditions of the 21st century cybernetic-digital world and the theater of operations in Ukraine, in all relevant aspects: logistical, operational, tactical and strategic.

Since then, humanity has found itself in a type of war never seen before, neither in Iraq nor in Afghanistan. This novel type of warfare, of which no Armed Force worldwide had practical experience before, can legitimately be considered World War III or, at least, the prolegomenon of World War III of Combined Arms Warfare. Now, due to the U.S. aggression, the Russian military is much stronger than before, because it has significantly expanded and modernized its troop strength and hardware. And in addition, it is the only effective fighting force on the globe with real life battlefield experience in this new sui generis form of warfare. Thanks to imperialism it is now at the forefront of global vanguard armed forces. Obviously, the dialectics of history and its nemesis are still very much alive. And that bodes well for the future of humanity.

12. The Defeat of Atlantic Imperialism (NATO) and its causes: Ignorance, Hybris and Deep State domination of the dysfunctional capitalist system. Phase 4.1

The causes of the defeat of Washington and its NATO wimps can be summed up in three categories: ignorance, hybris, and imperative political-economical system-needs of advanced capitalism in its superior state of imperialism. Donald Trump referred to those imperatives superficially in his definition of the deep state, which, according to him, is composed of the Pentagon, the State Department, and the National Security-Industrial-Military Complex. The three vectors mentioned (ignorance, arrogance and accumulation-domination needs of the ruling power elites) can be summed up in scientific terms as systemic propension and functional reproduction requirements of the Complex Adaptive Human System (CAHS) “bourgeois society”.

Regarding the first two vectors, the chauvinistic hybris and the rational illiteracy of the U.S. political class, the religious vs. scientific composition of the Congress provides a valuable clue to explain their dilettantism and arrogance in matters of geopolitical management of the global system. While the founding fathers of the U.S. system were largely representatives of the European Enlightenment, the 531 members of the current Congress define themselves as 96.6% believers of some faith, including 88.1% as Christians (Pew Research Center), with no significant presence of scientific personalities (!). En rigor, the United States is a nuclear theocracy in the middle of the 21st century, administered by pre-scientific clerics for the benefit of big capital. The brilliant U.S. astrophysicist Carl Sagan was absolutely right when he wrote that “The last scientifically literate president may have been Thomas Jefferson.” Notabene: Jefferson was president two centuries ago: from 1801 to 1809!

The effects of this type of “leadership” manifested themselves not only in the Korean, Vietnam, and Afghan wars, but also in the current conflict in the Ukraine. Any informed person knew, that under president Putin's leadership Russia had developed the most powerful military technology on earth, with hypersonic missiles, sophisticated air defense systems, nuclear submarine drones, etc. Therefore, any military aggression against Russia was a priori doomed to fail.

Yet within the bubble of America's psychotic-delusional system, which is mystified in Western newspeak as "public opinion," the power elites have come to believe their own supremacist and chauvinistic myths about their invincible military, exceptionalism and the indispensability of God's own country in the conduct of global society. All this propaganda constitutes, of course, a software metaverse of pure ideological fluff and delusion. An ideological cosmos of woke nonsense, of which the recurring psychotic episodes of Russophobia and Sinophobia are an integral part.

In the words of the Democratic Party candidate for governor of Kentucky, Geoffrey Young: “Our leaders are intellectually bankrupt. They don't know what they can accomplish and what they cannot accomplish. Fundamentally they're stupid, and they don't have any other ideas (RT, 3.4.2023).”

In fact, their stupidity and pathological dissociation from reality is so great that they attacked a tiger, thinking it was a “paper tiger”. Now they find out, that the tiger is real, that it has nuclear teeth and that it is tearing them apart!

13. Washington Repeats the Strategic Mistakes of Korea and Vietnam

Turning Point of the Korean War. The Battle of Chang Jin Lake 长津湖, which defeated Western Imperialism.

With the Hitlerite aggression against Russia in the Ukraine, Washington repeats the same mistake it had made in Korea, thinking that it could easily liquidate a small Asian country destroyed by years of war against Japanese imperialism. The arrogant Empire was unaware that Kim Il-sung had consulted Mao Zedong about China's eventual support in the event of a war of national liberation (1950).

Mao, before responding to the Korean leader's request, conferred with Stalin about the possible help the USSR could provide in the event of a war on the peninsula. Stalin, recently defeated by Washington in the so-called “Berlin blockade” (1948/49), embraced the idea of ​​opening up a second front against imperialism in Asia and assured Mao that he had Moscow's support. Strengthened by this anti-imperialist alliance, Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai warned the warmongers in Washington on October 1, 1950, that if US troops crossed the 38th parallel, China would intervene in the conflict.

However, Washington in its usual hybris, and confident of its superior war technology, particularly its air force, ignored the warning and crossed China´s red line. Then the inevitable happened. When the allied invasion force crossed the 38th parallel, the Chinese People's Liberation Army intervened with ground forces and, supported by senior Soviet officers and fighter planes with Russian pilots, defeated the U.S. invasion force.

14. Washington's Defeat in Vietnam

Western imperialism repeated its serious war miscalculation of "The war to resist the United States and help Korea" in the case of Vietnam. Having succeeded in destroying all post-war National Liberation Movements in Europe (Greece, Italy) and Asia (Malaysia), Washington was confident that its military might could easily destroy the Viet Minh in South Vietnam. And that, if North Vietnam´s Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam dared to enter the conflict, they would suffer the same fate.

However, the neocolonial aggression confronted not a small isolated backward Asian country with a rural guerrilla movement, but rather a heroic people led by a world-class vanguard with a historic project, that enjoyed the support of the entire Socialist Power Bloc. Given this configuration of power, the defeat of the imperialist Collective West was inevitable.

15. The “Lesson of Vietnam” and the War in Ukraine

The "lesson" of the US defeat in Vietnam for the imperial ruling class was formulated with brutal clarity by former President Richard M. Nixon, together with Henry Kissinger one of the main war criminals of the aggression. Ten years after the end of the war, which sacrificed more than 6 million lives in Indochina on the altar of pax americana imperial interests,

Nixon noted in his book "No more Vietnams" (1985) the following moral of defeat.

“No More Vietnams,” does not mean that the United States should never engage in limited wars in faraway places, but that American power should be used wisely, prudently, and effectively in defense of America's national interests …In Vietnam, we tried and failed in a just cause. 'No more Vietnams' can mean that we will not try again. It should mean that we will not fail again.”

16. Russia and China: Imperialism only understands the language of power

The brainless conclusion that Nixon draws from the defeat in Vietnam and its catastrophic consequences reveal themselves again in the war of aggression against Russia, which is the beginning of the end of NATO and the final Götterdämmerung (sunset) of the Project for the New American Century (NPAC) of the U.S. neocons.

Imperialist hybris, of which racist underestimation and chauvinistic ignorance of Russian and Chinese culture are an essential part, is key to understanding the US war of aggression, which was doomed to failure a priori. Russia has a long military tradition, characterized by a heroic, patriotic population, and world-class generals. However, the racist perception and the Russophobe propaganda of the collective West occult these fundamental vectors of its historic military successes, arguing instead that they are the results of the enormous territorial space of the country and its “General Winter” (climate).

Of course, it is impossible to recall in the totalitarian ideological system of Western perception management the deeds of Prince Aleksandr Yaroslavich Nevsky, or the amazing fact that the great Prussian military strategist Carl von Clausewitz, rightly admired by Lenin, fought in the Russian Army against Napoleon. Or, that all serious analysis demonstrates that the defeat of the military genius Napoleon and his invading forces in Russia was due to the three aforementioned vectors.

And the same is true of the Soviet warfare during World War II by Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, a true avant-garde military leader, who had learned the science of 20th Century Combined Arms Warfare at the same time as Hitler's Blitzkrieg strategists. The science of the high tech warfare of the 20th Century, which he applied in almost all the decisive battles of the war: Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kursk, the liberation of Belarus, the Baltic republics, Poland and the battle for Berlin.

17. Sinophobic hybris of gringo imperialism

The aforementioned racist underestimation and cultural-political ignorance of a designated enemy manifests itself again in the aggression against China. The imperialist neocon cartel that dominates the Washington establishment has neither understood nor accepted the obvious fact that under the leadership of Xi Jinping and the Communist Party of China (CCP) the Middle Kingdom has surpassed the phase of relative structural weakness that followed Mao's death. Relative comparative weakness vis-a-vis the collective West, which Deng Xiaoping had expressed in his cautious foreign policy doctrine of coexistence: "Hide one's talent and bide one's time" - tāoguāngyǎnghuì (韬光养晦). And that, consequently, with the advent of Xi´s sino-marxist theory and praxis a new world strategic balance had evolved with the two fundamental demiurges of the emerging penta-centric world system: China and Russia.

The sinofobic, anti-communist and pathologically idiotic psychosis of Washington´s neocon mafia of “intellectually bankrupt politicians” (Young) made them believe that Washington could reproduce the historical antagonism and schism between Soviet Russia and Maoist China. And that, isolated by this stratagem, Russia could be wiped off the map of global competitors.

Confronted with this perfidious strategy, Xi Jinping, with a profound vision of statesmanship and enormous geopolitical sensitivity, decided to maintain Deng's diplomatic discourse --marked by the weakness and caution of the post-Maoist transition phase-- during his first years at the helm of the Party and the State. His decision was, strictly speaking, a stratagem imposed by the objective conditions of reality, which the CCP had to respect, in order to gain time in the competitive process of accumulating military and economic power vis-à-vis the aggressive imperialist West. Any different conclusion would have been sectarian and a contempt for the wisdom of Sun Tzu, von Clausewitz, Lenin et al. In the sense that, to win a war, it is essential to obtain the synergy of the unified trinity of movement, space, and time. In the words of Clausewitz, knowing how to concentrate the right forces at the right time and the right place in order to succeed. Acting this way, the Chinese avant-garde managed to preserve the strategic sovereignty of the Zhōngguó and its historical role in building 21st Century Socialism.

Only a decrepit political class, like the one Young describes as US' “intellectually bankrupt politicians”, could be incapable of not realizing the qualitative leap that had occurred in the CCP with the rise to national leadership of Xi Jinping, who’s profound dialectical-materialist understanding of reality and his anti-capitalist political firmness were not going to allow the repetition of the aforementioned historical mistake. Xi, the most important contemporary Marxist revolutionary thinker, knew that the alliance with Russia was and is the sine qua non of the strategic sovereignty of the Zhōngguó and the precondition for its successful evolution towards a socialist society with Chinese characteristics: that is, Socialism of the 21st century.

With the re-election of Xi to a third presidential term, by the National People's Congress of China, on March 10, 2023, and five months after being unanimously supported in his national and global historical project by the XX National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in October 2022, the president's leadership strength, self-confidence in the country´s strength and superpower status in the global system were even further enhanced. In consequence, the alliance with Russia is and will be stronger than ever before. Xi´s comment on the recent summit with Putin in Moscow leaves no doubt that Washington´s delusion about a simple “marriage of convenience” between Beijing and Moscow, but not a “strategic alliance”, is pathologically wishful thinking.

The Chinese president declared after the first round of meetings, that fostering relations with Russia is “a strategic choice China has made on the basis of its own fundamental interests and the prevailing trends of the world,” explaining that the two nations shared a commitment to building a multipolar world. Even stronger was an earlier caveat to Washington, that it must stop its aggressive policy of "containment" on pain of "exposing itself to catastrophe". An obvious déjà vu of Mao's warning to Washington during the Korean War and a manifestation of the firm strategic alliance with Russia.

Summing up: when the CCP did not give in to Washington's blackmail; when India, under the Modi presidency; and when Latin America, Africa and key countries in the Middle East and Central Asia refused to go along with the criminal and suicidal aggression of Atlantic Imperialism against Russia, the fate of the neo-Nazi Hitler 2.0 project was sealed.

18. Putin's Vanguard Leadership and All-Star Team

There is no doubt that President Putin, along with Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi, are the most brilliant geo-strategists in global society. A factor which, coupled with the objective power of their national entities, has made them the decisive attractors of the Global South and the new polycentric ecumene.

In the case of Putin, the excellence of his leadership manifested itself not only in a dynamic, creatively adaptive and highly successful war strategy, but also in an outstanding economic, political, diplomatic and media conflict emergency control program, designed and implemented by a national team of exceptional professional culture and efficiency, with personalities such as: Medvedev, Lavrov, Shoigu and professional women of remarkable global standing. Among those female Russian leaders, who are an inseparable part of the triumph over Washington, it is fair to mention the architect of the economic rescue, Elvira Nabiullina, president of the Central Bank; Maria Vladimirovna Zajárova, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the director of Russia Today, Margarita Simónovna Simonián.

The character of avant-garde leadership and the role of revolutionary women –both legacies of the soviet education and political system-- in Russia´s triumph over Atlantic Imperialism, constitutes a marked difference with the liberal fascist western democracies, where uneducated female illiterates and woke reactionaries reach high positions of power, endangering global peace and a rational coexistence of different states. Woman like Tusk in Great Britain, Baerbock and Strack-Zimmermann in Germany, von der Leyen in Brussels, Marin in Helsinki, Andersson in Sweden, Sandu in Moldova, Kallas in Estonia, Boluarte in Peru, Harris in Washington, etc.

Said vanguard team of the Russian political class under the leadership of Putin quickly managed to re-diversify the supply and export chains affected by the aggression; solve the problem of import substitution; control of capital flight; monetary stability (inflation); the increase in international reserves, etc. Along with Lavrov's masterful diplomacy and the brilliant global media defense of Maria Zajárova and Margarita Simonián, the internal process of Russian military empowerment and the global process of weakening the criminal imperialist neocon cartel in the United States and Europe, which are responsible for 350,000 dead and millions of displaced persons in Ukraine, deserve the laurels of victory.

19. Combined Arms Warfare of the 21st Century War and Strategic Russian counterattack. Phase 4.2

When the Russian leadership a) fully understood the real character of the war: a) a de facto Unternehmen Barbarossa 2.0, similar to Hitler's war of national destruction in pursuit of the elimination of Russia, and b) that the imperialist warlords Biden, Merkel, Hollande et al. had no real interest in a negotiated peace agreement, as they cynically and irrefutably demonstrated in their false flag operations (deceptions and sabotage) of the Minsk and Istanbul Agreements, President Putin began to mobilize Russia's military potential in earnest. Confronting the international onslaught of the Collective Criminal West (OCC) against the very existence of the nation, the conflict transitioned towards a new phase, characterized by new armed modalities, war objectives and global dangers of conflagration.

Analyzing the offensive-defensive war system implemented by neocon imperialism in Ukraine since the 2013/14 coup d'etat (Euromaidan, “color revolution”), the Russian General Staff and the Presidency decided not to copy the strategy and fulminant tactics of the Second World War, which Hitler's generals (Blitzkrieg) had applied in large boiler operations (Kesselschlacht) and rapid territorial conquests, but a systematic war of attrition to degrade the Ukrainian and invading NATO forces to the point of physical destruction as an organized combat force. Taking advantage of Russia's technological superiority, particularly in aerospace reconnaissance and destruction capabilities, the artillery-missile complex, battle tanks, air defense systems, military intelligence and electronic warfare, Russia is accomplishing that goal. The turning point of the war is, of course the battle of Bahmut, which is comparable in its significance to the Battle of Kursk in Hitler´s aggression, the battle of Midway in the Pacific or the Battle of Gettysburg in the U.S. civil war.

The Russian purpose in this new conflict phase is to reduce as much as possible, the losses of their and troops, as well as to avoid damage to the Ukrainian civilian population. In the same way, the exclusion of Kyiv as a primary tactical target or military occupation was maintained; the prohibition of a direct attack on NATO countries or logistical support facilities outside of Ukraine; the preventive non-use of nuclear weapons and the non-elimination of the neo-Nazi comedian in kyiv. It was also decided not to resort to a general mobilization or a formal declaration of war against kyiv.

However, the untouchability of the Ukrainian hinterland (rear) was annulled, because it favored the logistics of NATO supplies to Kiev via Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as the off limits of the dual-use military-civilian infrastructure of transport, energy and communications throughout Ukraine.

This conception of war is clearly manifested, among other aspects, in the combat tactics against the Ukrainian fortified positions, built since the 2014 coup, according to the Hitlerian model of the Festungsstadt (fortress city). The current operational tactics are characterized by the following sequence of operations.

1. Softening of the fortifications with artillery, missiles, airplanes and combat helicopters.

2. Reconnaissance attack with tanks and infantry to test, if the defensive fortifications are still intact. If yes, the Russian troops make a tactical withdrawal.

3. The decisive destruction of the Ukrainian fortified positions with artillery of various types and aero-space means is resumed.

4. The definitive assault is resolved directly with infantry, tanks, artillery and air support, or through a cauldron operation (encirclement) to cut the enemy's supply lines.

20. Biden Visit and Armageddon. Towards Nuclear War? Phase 5.

Washington has achieved its main geostrategic objective: to destroy the Germany (EU)-Russia-China axis. As Young aptly comments, referring to Washington's “Pearl Harbor” attack on the Nord Stream pipeline: “The Nord Stream bombing was a part of that strategy, designed to make Germany, the largest economy in Europe, totally dependent on the US… For decades, Washington's biggest nightmare has been that Germany and Russia would ally, have their economies complement each other… and make the United States irrelevant.”

The benefits of the American victory are obvious. The destruction of the Eurasian axis redirected high-tech investment flows from China and Europe to North America: The United States, Canada, and Mexico. Washington took advantage of the golden opportunity and encouraged the nearshoring of international capital with a package of incentives and subsidies of 369 billion dollars (Inflation Reduction Act), in total disregard for the vaunted “rules of the free market”. But, in total harmony with the cannibalistic protocol of unfair competition practiced by all imperialist state capitalisms.

The Empire obtained another economic bonus through the social-Darwinian handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Taking advantage of the general ignorance of the US population, the most propagandized in the world, and supported by the shamans and merchants of Big Pharma and Trump's reactionary populism, they ideologically anesthetized the people with idiocies such as “herd immunity”. and other proto-fascist apps.

A round deal because the dead were essentially poor, elderly people and people with comorbidity. That is, just the cohorts that cost the system, but that do not produce surplus value. And, not to forget,, the profits of the arms corporations, and the ample supply of cheap disciplined workers with suitably Caucasian features (white with blue eyes), which bolstered the industrial capitalist reserve armies of the West, while the global syndicates of human trafficking in children and women were able to restock the world's black organ markets and brothels with new victims.

However, all in all, it is a Pyrrhic victory that comes with a high strategic cost: the end of the American Century and the birth of a penta-centric global system, which irretrievably replaces the monopoly of global domination of the North Atlantic-Space warlords, Europeans and Americans, installed since 1492.

In the words of the brilliant ex-president of Russia and current vice president of its Security Council, Dmitri Medvedev (deputy chair of the Russian Security Council): the “malignant tumor of a colonial past” is a problem that calls for “international surgery.” He emphasized that the USSR played a key role “in dismantling the colonial system of the 20th century… We, together with other countries, can now drive the final nail in the coffin of the Western world’s neo-colonial aspirations.”

Certainly, the imperialist defeat also means a decisive blow for NATO, whose military, political, economic weakness, and lack of reason for being have been exposed. And, of course, Hitler's dreams of destroying Russia as an autonomous subject of world politics and history, have imploded.

But the most important price that Western Imperialism has to pay is on the battlefield of ideas and ideology: the global soft power theater of operation of competing systems. Liberal bourgeois market and democracy ideology has deeply penetrated the political and middle classes in Russia and, to a lesser extent, also in China. That is, of course, a logical and unavoidable political-economical corollary of the introduction of capitalist chrematistic market economies in qualitatively different social systems, like Socialism or the political economy of the Greek oikos or the pre-class societies of the historic matriarchal period. But it is a time bomb in the victim-systems that, if not defused in time, will destroy them. The USSR is the most illustrative recent example.

This systemic penetration of the target systems has now been detected and partially activated the immune systems of the prey, which has begun to produce “political monoclonal antibodies” to fight the deadly imperialist chrematistic infection. The Foreign Agents Registration Acts in various centers of the global system (Russia, China, India etc.); the blocking of Google; the neutralization of the Biden-Soros transgender agenda, which is the perverted domination-version of the original scientific identity theory; the growing critique of the liberal market religion; the implosion of the peaceful coexistence-illusion, introduced into the communist mainstream thinking by Khrushchev, are some of the empirical indicators of the process of liberation from the ideological bonds of capitalist superstructure narratives, which are a systemic cancer that destroys the affected organism.

A gigantic global conscientization process was unleashed by the anachronistic imperialist attempt to suppress the dialectics of diversity and sovereignty in the ecumene. If this emancipation process can be sustained, then it´s end results may be as transcendental for humanity as the European Renaissance and Illustration.

21. The Bourgeois-Capitalist Dystopia and the Future of Humanity

The decisive question therefore concerns the future of the war in Ukraine, because that future is the gateway to the new civilization of the 21st century. The answer to that question is as obvious as it is grim. With Washington having achieved the fundamental geostrategic success it had desired since the implosion of the Soviet Union, the main reason for the war disappeared. Since war is nothing more than a means to determine post-war conditions, a rational and realistic negotiated solution to the conflict would therefore be in sight. This, however, only under the sine qua non condition that US imperialism be content with such a “reward” for its criminal war adventure and accept that it cannot destroy Russia in the foreseeable future. The logical corollary of such a position, which is gaining ground more and more in Washington, would be the withdrawal of NATO from Ukraine under the apology of having to face the "main enemy, China." In fact, this issue is being configured as the main theme of the 2024 election campaign.

The problem is that the power elites do not always act with rationalism and realism, but, on the contrary, biased by their interests and, frequently, with the hubris nourished by their own lies of greatness and power, as was, for example, the Hitler case. The war in Ukraine can, consequently, evolve towards a negotiated end or spill over into a global nuclear war, depending on which of the different power elites of the gringo ruling class prevails.

The recent surprise clandestine visit of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. to Kiev, where he promised another half a billion dollars and more lethal weapons from Washington to the wimp of Atlantic Imperialism and its Cartel of Neocons and Deep State, is obviously one more step of escalation. towards the second possible scenario, the nuclear holocaust. In the same direction goes the Pentagon's announcement that Washington is already training Ukrainian pilots to fly the advanced nuclear-capable F-16 fighter jets; and the ex-territorial imperialist attack on a reconnaissance plane of the Russian Air Force in Belarus, near the capital Minsk(!).

The same neo-Nazi wimp Zelensky made it clear in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that the human price of hundreds of millions of lives sacrificed in a nuclear war does not seem excessive to him. Warning that a world war may break out if China supports Russia, the Kiev comedian threatened with the following words: “My hope is that Beijing will maintain a pragmatic attitude. You risk World War III otherwise. I think they are aware of that”.

Given that China is already in a strategic alliance with Russia since the times of Xi Jinping; that his real support for Russia has been a key factor in the defeat of imperialist aggression and that Zelensky himself has expressed, that in such a case hundreds of millions of people would die, it is evident that the nuclear scenario is an integral part of the plans of war of imperialism.

Karl Marx had clearly formulated the necessary precondition for humanity to emerge from the state of permanent war, which governs the behavior of all biological beings in the biosphere: an ontological stratum, of which both the human being and its social systems are subsystems. dependents. The precondition formulated by Marx and Engels is that the class societies of modern times, which are based on the economics of chrematistic market economy and private ownership of the means of production, pass to a new type of civilization, which is no longer sustained by capitalist interests and ideology and the perverse appropriation of the social plus product. Because these two institutions are the material substratum that generates the savage "bio spheric" behaviors of the human being in the phase of the imperialist plus ultra.

Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht expressed that profound scientific and ontological truth more than a century ago in their immortal binary aphorism of anti-capitalist transformative praxis: Socialism or Barbarism. Today, with the Armageddon of the Apocalypse in the hands of advanced capitalism, that truth is more valid than ever.

Contextualized with the war in Ukraine, it reads: Socialism of the 21st Century or extinction of the species at the hands of Contemporary Criminal Capitalism.

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