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The unrelenting U.S. Imperialist War against China

Actualizado: 29 jun 2021

Dr. Heinz Dieterich

Coordinator CTS-UAM and WARP

1. The New U.S. Smear Campaign

The renewed U.S. smear campaign against China, based on Trump´s original black propaganda lies about the Covid-19 origin (Wuhan), supposed human rights´ violations in Xinjiang and the Hong Kong color revolution, has a simple explanation. The Democrats and Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. are scared-as-hell, that they may loose the november 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential elections to the Trump dominated Republican Party. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate are up for grabs. Thirty-nine gubernatorial and numerous other state and local positions are also at stake. Since the only reason to be (raison d´etre) of a political party in a bourgeois “democracy” is to win elections, because elections are the direct access to state power, which in turn is the direct access to social wealth (surplus), the Democrats existential Angst to be excluded from the feeding trough –the carrousel of surplus appropiation-- is quite understandable.

Thus, Biden´s no-holds-barred attack on China, while trying to divide the Moscow-Beijing strategic alliance through minor concessions to Russia, doesn´t come as a surprise. And it´s no surprise either, that the combined “Virus-Xinjiang-Hong Kong” smear campaign follows the traditional pattern of CIA-destabilizations and contemporary color revolutions. The mechanics are like this.The headquarters of the imperialist propaganda machine commissions the fake-news story to willing “journalists”. Then it surfaces “the news” on a private media. Finally, the White House picks the lies up, launches an oficial attack on the victim and makes the attack globally trending through its European, Asian and Latin American vasalls in the media business. In the current China attack, Washington used the same “journalists” who promoted the war against Irak through the lies of Saddam Hussein´s supposed “weapons of mass destruction (WMD)”.

2. Wall Street Journal: the strategic vector of attack

The original vector chosen to launch the poisonous propaganda attack was The Wall Street Journal with its May 23, article titled “Intelligence on Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab Fuels Debate on Covid-19 Origin.” Citing, as usual, anonymous “current and former officials,” it claimed that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology “went to hospital in November 2019, shortly before confirmed outbreak” of COVID-19. Three days later, Biden called on the “Intelligence Community” to investigate whether COVID-19 arose “from a laboratory accident” and “report back to me in 90 days.”

The U.S. propaganda plot is so grossly inept and stupid, that no moderately informed and rational person can take it seriously. But the citizens of bourgeoise democracies have now been so thoroughly programmed by the ruling elites´ psychological warfare apparatuses called “media”, that in the U.S. about 70% of the Republican voters still believe today, that Trump won the election and that the presidency was stolen by the Democrats. In fact, their psychological state of mind and conscience is barely above the level of Pavlovian reflex-psychology. It´s no exageration to speak of cultural lobotomization of the masses through “perception management” by the power elites, when we talk about contemporary bourgeois democracies.

3. Top-down class warfare: “the way the world works”

This pathogenic political-economic-cultural environment was aptly characterized in its operational logic by the economics´ Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman as “top-down class warfare” (The New York Times, October 2, 2015). “That may sound simplistic,” he wrote in The New York Times, “but it’s the way the world works” (October 2, 2015). Or in the words of Princeton’s Martin Gilens and Northwestern University’s Benjamin I. Page, the political system that governs the world center of gravity (United States) is a system of “economic elite domination” and “biased pluralism,” not a majoritarian democracy (Gilens and Page 2014).

By the same token, Pentagon Undersecretary Paul Wolfowitz left no doubt about the foreign policy objectives of the United States in 1992, which perfectly explain the current U.S. aggression. The “first objective” of American foreign and military policy is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat [to US unilateral action] on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. (Roberts 2015)

4. China, the most efficate anti-covid governance globally

Any serious comparative scientific inquiry into the public health response of national governments to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic will demonstrate empirically, that there was no failure in China´s public health response to the virus. Even without the benefit of having a prior public health prevention protocol available, the crisis-management of the Chinese authorities was flawless. In consequence, the accusations and reparation demands of the Western propaganda war, spearheaded by the US, UK and their imperialist media outlets, are, by all logical standards, bullshit. Or, to be more academic, a non sequitur.

This fact is evident in the death per population ratio of the main propaganda enforcer, the United States, and the corresponding death rate of the propaganda victim, China. The (unreliable ¡!) number of absolute covid-related deaths in the U.S. is 601,000 in a population of about 320 million people. The corresponding reliable number for China is 4.636 deceased persons in a population of 1.4 billion. If China had shown the same negligence and criminal public health policy against the virus as did the Trump government, than the socialist country would lament today almost 2,8 million deaths. On the other hand, if Washington had applied the Chinese public health protocol, the U.S. today would only have about 1,200 covid related victims of the pandemic.

Thus, there is no need for further discussion about who is who in governance responsability vis-a-vis the pandemic tragedy, because the facts are clear. And objective truth emanates from facts, as any serious scientist knows. But in the post-truth world of Western bourgeois politics and ideology, public policy narratives are essentially fact-immune. Fake news are the essential weapons of aggression in the global class war of the Western power elites against their own citizens and in the battle for global soft power control and domination.

5. Science can not be a-political

Knowledge, information and data have always been a fundamental power vector throughout human history. And the software that provides the best information, data and control mechanisms of reality today, is science. So, it is only logical, that the ruling power elites try, and largely succeed, to control this unparalled power of science through money, publication channels, propaganda, old boys-networks, patents, licenses and a myriad of other control systems.

The pharma industry, together with high tech and finance capital, is one of the cardinal factions of today´s capitalist dominant classes. This power generates a kind of natural gravitation of life sciences´ academicians and protagonists towards the pharma giants. A fact that was plainly visible in bourgeois national government performances vis-a-vis the pandemic. Tony Fauci, one of the most respected public disease specialists in the US is a case in point. He never called out Trump´s criminal idiocies and dangerous simplifications of the pandemic´s danger and that was also the case in Brasil, México, Europe, etc. In fact, even today, the European Union does not allow the use of the Sputnik V vaccine, althought it is one of the best available and the most economic. But bourgeois politicians are calibans of corporate interests and the scientific enterprise today is essentially in the hands of the big corporations and their class war against the poor and downtrodden. That´s why Germany´s Merkel blocked the global attempt of patent waivers for Covid vaccines and why the EU is part of the anti-Russia and anti-China smear campaigns. Lest somebody doesn´t remember, the first victim in war and class war is always truth.

6. The Chinese Algorithm that defeated Covid

When Covid-19 emerged in December 2019, neither governments nor scientists had sufficient knowledge about its etiopathogenesis (causes and evolutionary dynamics) to block its spread. But, just six weeks later, Chinese science and politics had developed a successful public health control protocol.

It was a feat comparable to that of the founders of scientific microbiology, Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur. An acchievement, which culminated in the development of an anti-viral protection methodology, which is known as the Chinese Seven Wisdoms Algorithm 中国抗疫七大智慧的算法 (Zhōngguó kàng yì qī dà zhìhuì de suànfǎ). It is a paradigm of effective protection for public health and economic production on a global scale, available to all governments in the world. A paradigm, which also avoided the false dilemma of Anglo-European capitalism, to decide between profit or people.

The Seven Wisdoms Algorithm, which allowed the pandemic to be rapidly controlled, are: 1. frequent mass diagnoses; 2. contact tracing; 3. strict quarantine; 4. Fase masks and mandatory physical distance; 5. adequate hospital logistics; 6. truthful and simple information to raise awareness among the population; 7. The transcendental role of the leader of the nation who has to be at the forefront of the struggle, coordinating the national effort and preaching by example the necessary discipline of survival to the people. All seven steps of this methodology have to be implemented simultaneously to acchieve the desired synergic effect against the virus.

7. G7 and NATO attack China

Under the guidance of the Biden White House, two of the most dangerous international criminal organizations, the G7 and NATO, have reactivated their dangerous attack on China. At the recent summits of both global power cártels, they rallied against China which supposedly "systemically challenges the international order based on rules". New commitments for rearmament and military preparations were made and Biden´s quimera, the new “virus origin study”, was supported. In other words, an offensive U.S. “short of war-policy” against China and Russia is back in full swing, with its European and Japanese vassals on board. And it doesn´t matter, that China has applied the highest number of anti-Covid inoculations in the world (one bilion), while having (together with Vietnam) one of the lowest per capita deaths internationally; that this year it will contribute about 30% of growth to the global GDP (Bloomberg), with the Silk and Road Initiative as a global stabilizer of growth; that it has provided assistance to over 130 countries and international organizations to fight the coronavirus pandemic; that the WHO has approved for emergency use several Chinese-made vaccines or that it has overcome the millenial problema of famine in the country.

These are the facts of Chinese national and foreign policy. But, as everybody knows, facts have no place in propaganda and the Western media have essentially been reduced to willing instruments of imperialist ambitions and the status of psychological warfare agents in the global attack against the successful socialist development of China.

No doubt, Goebbels must be somewhere laughing!

8. Strategic conclusión: Sun Tzu, not Jruchtchev

After seven failed historic attemps by Washington to destroy the Chinese Communist Party, the last one under Trump, the lesson is clear. There is no possibility of peaceful coexistence with U.S. imperialism, as the Soviet Premier Nikita Jruchtchev pontified at the 1956 Communist Party Congress, because imperialism is an objective dominant class-determined conduct of capitalist superpowers, that derives from its chrematistic market economy and profit-determined class structure. Just as Paul Krugman said: “top-down class warfare”.

Jruchtchev´s foreign policy doctrine of “peaceful coexistence” with Western imperialism is a quimera, that contradicts not only all historical experience, but also all important respective science paradigms: from Newton´s laws of “political gravity” to Darwin´s “survival of the fittest” to Marx/Engels´ class paradigm and Lenin´s and Mao´s theory of the state and revolution.

China should not adhere to Jruchtchev´s erroneous foreign policy software of “peaceful coexistence”, but remember the Roman´s political realism: «Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum» -- if you want peace, prepare for war (Vegecio). Or it should head the canon of military sciences developed by its great strategist Sun Zu.

In other words: China should accept the ontological fact of global Realpolitik (policy), that Western imperialism will never abandon its attempt to destroy its socialist evolution, because the U.S. and the Chinese social systems are antagonic. It´s a binary situation of History.

8. 战略结论:多向孙子学习,而不是赫鲁晓夫

华盛顿历史上七次试图摧毁中国共产党(最后一次发生在特朗普执政时期)的尝试均以失败告终,教训是显而易见的。正如苏联总理尼基塔·赫鲁晓夫在 1956 年共产党代表大会上所说的那样,与美帝国主义和平共处是不可能的;因为帝国主义不是某个政府或总统的心血来潮,而是由资本主义国家的阶级结构决定的客观行为的必然要求,这源于资本主义的市场经济。正如诺贝尔经济学奖获得者保罗克鲁格曼所说,帝国主义必然要发动自上而下的阶级斗争。或者,用物理学知识来解释就是,这是资本主义在特定进化状态下逐渐显现的一个客观品质。


中国如果坚持赫鲁晓夫有缺陷的“和平共处”外交政策,将是一个错误。中国必须记住古罗马的现实政治信条:“想要和平的人应当为战争作准备(Igitur qui desideratpacem,praeparet bellum)。”中国应该牢记两千多年前伟大的战略家孙子的军事科学经典。



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