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Taiwan: Washington declares war on China

Heinz Dieterich 3.8.2022

1. De facto Declaration of War

The quasi-military incursion of the multimillionaire Nancy Pelosi, the third most important official in the US political system and one of the most dangerous imperialist warmongers, into the Chinese province of Taiwan, accompanied by a parliamentary delegation and protected by U.S. naval and air forces; her pro-secessionist declaration in Taipei (sic) and the "Taiwan Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act", introduced to the US Congress on July 29, constitute, together, a de facto Declaration of War against the governing Communist Party of China (CCP) and the disavowment of the Nation´s sovereignty and integral territoriality.

2. China´s Response

The response of the Middle Kingdom (Zhōngguó) to the provocations will be asymmetrical with economic, diplomatic and military measures, among others, that will be implemented in the theater of operations at a time conveniently chosen by China. The wisdom of Sun Tzu's "Art of War", the multiple lessons of the First Modern War of the 21st Century in Ukraine and the deep knowledge of the US imperial strategy to provoke war conflicts anywhere in the world, will guide the minds of the Chinese planners.

3. Fabrication of the Pretext of War

The pattern (algorithm) of the pretexts of wars of aggression that the Empire has used throughout its history is a combination of measures of economic suffocation, threats of armed aggression, global media campaigns of lies and psychological warfare, and the indirect military participation via the massive supply of weapons. Of particular importance in this pattern of military aggression are the Lend-Lease Acts, which mark the point of direct military intervention in a conflict, while pretending to maintain the fiction of Washington’s neutrality. This qualitative threshold, which is generally the military's entry into actual warfare, is currently being crossed in the US Congress with the introduction of the “Taiwan Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act”.

4. Lend-Lease, World War II, Taiwan and Ukraine

The war-making algorithm, where Washington appears as the victim of foreign aggression, was used prominently by Franklin D. Roosevelt to start the war against Japan in the Indo-Pacific, prompting the Japanese attack on the US colony of Hawaii (Pearl Harbor, 1941), and to enter the Atlantic War against the fascist axis, through the Lend-Lease Act for Great Britain and France.

The current bipartisan Taiwan Lend-Lease bill was designed in collusion between the US imperialist political class and the neo-colonial secessionist regime of Tsai Ing-wen in Taipei, in order to advance the island's secession from the People's Republic of China. It flagrantly violates the three basic agreements of the China-US bilateral relationship and the "one China" principle. It is modeled in name and wording on the "Ukrainian Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act," which was passed by the US Senate on April 6, 2022 and signed into law by Biden in May, after being ratified by Congress by overwhelming majority.

No one should be wrong. In the current context of global aggression by Washington against the two nuclear superpowers, China and Russia, the Lend-Lease Acts are authentic factual Declarations of War.

5. Destroy the Communist Party of China

Washington's current aggression against China is just one more link in the endless chain of imperialist attempts to destroy the CCP and the People's Republic of China.

When these subversive attempts failed, for example, in Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong, the strategic destructive hope of the West was that the reforms of market economy and peaceful coexistence with the West (“opening up and reform”), introduced after the death of Mao, would cause the collapse of "socialism with Chinese characteristics" and its leading vanguard, the Communist Party.

With the election of Xi Jinping as leader of the process, once again this counterrevolutionary stratagem based on the political economy of the Austrian School and Milton Friedman ended up in the dustbin of history. The imperialist response, given by the first Afro-American president of the United States, Barack Obama, was the strategic confrontation with China via its "Pivot to East Asia" policy, in 2012. That is, the change in the center of gravity of the imperialist foreign policy from the Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific.

When China neutralized this new destabilizing tactic, Donald Trump continued Obama's aggression by launching a ferocious campaign of economic destruction and propaganda smear against Beijing, centered on the false dichotomy of the supposed global battle of narratives about the world's bourgeois “democracies” and autocracies.

After losing the 2020 presidential elections and after Trump's failed coup d´etat attempt on January 6, 2021, his administration published classified documents on January 15, 2021, which confirmed Washington's strategic decision to maintain hegemony over its neo-colony in Taipei. The "U.S. Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific", originally subject to declassification only in 2042, stipulates that Washington should prevent China from gaining sea or air superiority in the Taiwan straits area, which constitute the first large perimeter of China´s Indo-Pacific strategic defense system, known as “the first island chain”.

Well, it just so happens that Taiwan is situated at the central point of that defense perimeter, that is, it is of critical strategic importance for China's defense. This is the real context for Pelosi's quasi-military incursion into Taiwan and Washington's de facto Declaration of War.

6. Towards the Final Defeat

Atlantic Imperialism, made up of Anglo-American imperialism and the sub-imperialism of the European Union (US + EU), has been resoundingly defeated in Ukraine by Russia's defensive war. With the aggression in Taiwan, Washington shows that it has learned nothing from its military defeats in Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine. The evil Empire (Ronald Reagan) is again recklessly crossing the red lines of strategic national security interests of a second nuclear superpower: China.

And it does not listen to the wise warning of President Xi Jinping - Wanhuo bi zifen (玩火必自焚): “If you play with fire, you will surely perish by it.”

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Taiwan Washington declares war on China
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