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Failed Gringo Coup Against Putin. Lessons for Mexico and the World.

Actualizado: 5 jul 2023

Strategic Nuclear Debate in Russia.

Dr. Heinz Dieterich

Coordinator WARP-CTS 27.6.2023

1.Three Objectives of the Cup

The elaborate Coup d'état by Washington (CIA) and London (MI6/SIS) against Russia and its sovereignist President Vladimir Putin, has failed as miserably as the fanciful “counteroffensive” of the neo-Nazi comedian in Kiev and the proxy War of Aggression of the Washingtonian globalist neocons, in general.

Understanding the anatomy of this subversive coup d'état is important in order to comprehend the Color Counter-Revolutions that Washington is organizing against progressive governments in Latin America, such as Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, as well as the current Strategic Military Debate in Russia.

2. Main Objectives of the Coup

The Coup intended to achieve three primary objectives that the imperialist masters had entrusted to their Lumpen-Politician Yevgeny Prigozhin:

1. Divert world public attention from NATO's horrendous military defeat in its criminal War of Aggression against Russia.

2. Ensure the electoral triumph of Joseph Robinette Biden jr. and the pathetic Democratic Party in the 2024 elections.

3. Avoid the birth of the new multipolar world order, the Penta centric Ecumene.

3. Prigozhin: the Russian Pinochet of Gringo Imperialism

The military spearhead, the Russian Pinochet, was the oligarch and ex-convict Yevgeny PRIGOZHIN, owner of the private military company Wagner Group and a net worth estimated at more than a billion dollars. Restaurants, catering services for the Russian Armed Forces, investments in mines in Africa, etc., are part of his capitalist empire.

The Wagner private military company “has received a little more than 858 billion rubles ($9.8 billion) under the contracts it signed with the state.”

During the 1980s, he spent nine years in jail for fraud and other crimes.

The British and U.S. subversive agencies, MI6/SIS (Military Intelligence/Secret Intelligence Service) and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), cleverly took advantage of the ex-convict oligarch's megalomaniac tendencies and personal ambitions and convinced him that he should and could be The Savior of the Homeland, putting an end to the supposed "ineptitude" of the “weak” Putin and the “awkward” Russian General Staff, particularly its Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, to triumph in Ukraine. You simply have to politically capitalize on your “war hero” fame. The hero, who has caused the invading NATO army 70,000 deaths in the battles of Soledar and Artyomovsk, destroying the elite forces of the neo-Nazi Zelensky regime, they brainwashed him.

4. The “useful idiot” (Lenin) of imperialism

The “useful idiot” (Lenin) of Western liberal-fascist Democracy easily fell into the delusion of being destined by the karma of history to liberate the Rossíya-Mátushka (Little Russian Mother) from the dilettante leaders of the Kremlin. The tycoon internalized (Freud) and promulgated the Coup Narrative of the alleged inexperience of Putin and the Russian General Staff to stop the Ukrainian “counteroffensive”, whose forces were allegedly recapturing Artyomovsk, making their way to Melitopol and Crimea. Both statements were, of course, flagrant lies in view of the brilliant conduct of the war of attrition and active defense by commanders Serguéi Surovikin and Valery Gerasimov, as well as counterfactual, like so many others, with which the Rasputinesque tycoon has seen fit to entertain his national and international fan club for a long time.

5. Fanciful assumptions of the possible success of the Mutiny

At the same time, MI6/SIS, the CIA, Military Counterintelligence (HUR MO) and the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) were organizing clandestine terrorist cells in Moscow, which by the time Prigozhin crossed the Russian border with his troops, would commit acts of sabotage in the Capital, reinforcing the impression that Putin was incapable of stabilizing the situation of chaos and that the "Hero of Artyomovsk" had to save the Motherland.

All these premises for the possible success of the coup d'état were nothing more than pipedreams of the Western propaganda machine, which collapsed the moment Prigozhin crossed the Rubicon. That is, he occupied Rostov-on-Don.

By way of example. The Russian security services detected and dismantled the terrorist cells before they could act; they also occupied the main propaganda headquarters of the conspirators in Saint Petersburg; the liberal and pro-capitalist Russian oligarchs decided not to join Prigozhin´s subversive adventure; the patriotic Russian people rejected the high treason of their indigenous Pinochet; the Russian Armed Forces stuck together: not a single military unit left its fighting positions at the front to join the useful idiot of the Washingtonian neocons; on orders from Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen special forces were deployed to confront Prigozhin, along with the 30,000 troops guarding Moscow; the alliance with Lukashenko remained firm and the Belarusian president mobilized a brigade to defend Moscow. Last but not least, Russia's most prestigious officer - the legendary General Sergey Surovikin, who had defeated the gringo military aggression in Syria - warned Wagner's soldiers to lay down their arms and return to their bases.

6. Withering defeat of the color counterrevolution and regime change in Russia

The synergy of these patriotic reactions destroyed the moral and political foundations of the collective Western coup d’état, which consequently collapsed like a House of Cards. After the first fighting, Prigozhin -- with his tail between his legs -- took refuge in Belarus. His experienced elite troops and commanders, who are mostly Russian, integrated into the Russian Army, handing over the heavy weapons they possessed. Now, the evolution of the theater of operation has become absolutely clear: the remnants of NATO's neo-Nazi proxy army in Ukraine will collapse, at the latest, in four months.

7. Putin won, the gringo Deep State and the Democratic Party lost

Faced with Washington's attempt to repeat the Color Counter-Revolution of the Euromaidan (Kiev 2014) in Moscow´s Red Square, or the Color Counter-Revolution in Beijing´s Tian An Men Square in 1989, Putin reacted like Deng Hsiao-ping in his moment: he commanded the tanks, reassured the people and the ruling Party and crushed the subversive intervention of the collective West.

The demagogic question of the Western media, whether Putin emerged weaker or stronger from the coup d´état, is, of course, pure nonsense. Putin, blessed with an exceptional strategic, tactical, and situational intelligence, reacted like a true world leader—unlike the dilettante Gorbachev to Yeltsin's coup—and inflicted a total defeat on Washington and its European satrap states.

And he lit the prairie with the big question about the future state of the center of gravity of the 2023-24 capitalist world system: AFTER THE DEFEAT, HOW WILL BIDEN WIN THE 2024 ELECTIONS?

8. Disguising the Hit with Information noise tactic

To hide the preparation of the Coup, London and Washington put together an elaborate ecosystem of global distraction, using the tactic of information noise. That is, deliberately tilting the relationship between the useful signal and the communicative "noise" in favor of the latter, to distort or block the accurate perception of the event in question.

To this informative noise stratagem belong, among others: 1. Air Defender 23, the largest deployment and exercise of combat aircraft in the history of NATO, in Europe, with 250 military aircraft from 25 countries and 10,000 troops. (6.6.-23.6.) Let us remember that the great NATO maneuvers always serve as cover for attacks on other countries, such as the Baltops 32 maritime maneuvers, in June 2022, in the Baltic Sea, which served to place the bombs on the Nordstream pipelines 1 and 2.

2. The “news” that China is going to establish an electronic intelligence base in Cuba to monitor military activities in the United States. (8.6.)

3. The extension of the import embargo for transnational companies that produce in Xinjiang, China. (9.6.)

4. Blinken's visit to Beijing, immediately followed by Biden's political provocation of calling President Xi a "dictator." (18.6.)

5. Narendra Modi's appeasement speech before the US Congress, where he deepened the Hindu global chauvinist dream of becoming "the voice of the Global South", to displace and isolate China. The gringo congressmen thanked him for the de facto strategic alliance against China, with 15 standing ovations. (23.6.)

6. The legislative initiative of the mega-warmongering gringo neocons, Senators Graham and Blumenthal, to consider Russia's use of tactical nuclear weapons in the Ukraine as "an attack against NATO." That is, the Casus foederis provided for in Article 5 of the NATO Charter, which de facto means the beginning of the strategic nuclear Third World War. (23.6.)

9. Some Lessons from the Failed Coup

1. The failed coup confirmed, once again, the dialectic of revolution and counterrevolution in history, which Trotsky once formulated, reflecting on the French Revolution and the role of the Jacobins, in the following way: Revolutions only radicalize under the attacks of the counterrevolution.

Accordingly, a patriotic tsunami and general wave of consciousness has spread across Russia, manifesting itself in youth, culture (f.e. Shaman), the military and academia, where liberal, pro-Western intellectuals like the Valdai Club outfit (Lukyanov) are losing the battle for "hearts and minds” of the country, unlike the growing imperialist TikTok and LGTBQ zombie culture of Western Europe and Latin America.

2. The current Color Counter-Revolution is organized in a global, multifaceted way and as network-centric warfare, where the use of Psyops and massive cybernetic “perception management” operations play a key role.

3. The subversive strategy tends to be regional. For example, the Prigozhin coup in Russia is synchronized with parallel destabilizing processes in Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, and Central Asia.

In Latin America, the evidence indicates, that it is advancing in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

4. Through scientific analysis, Washington's lines of action can be detected early. The current destabilization of the 4T in Mexico, for example, follows the model used in Bolivia against Evo Morales and in Peru against Pedro Castillo. The destabilizing central axis goes through the “U.S. Colonial Department” (Che Guevara), the Organization of American States (OAS), the corrupt structure of the electoral-academic gear and culminates in the Mexican Supreme Court.

5. The moment of the general offensive of this kind of coup, is after the elections, in total concordance with the paradigm of Gene Sharp and Soros, after the oligarchic-imperialist forces have failed in their attempt to recover power through legitimate elections.

6. The great dilemma of Latin America is that it does not have world-class leaders like Putin, that it does not have serious political parties and that it totally lacks strategic and tactical scientific think tanks, capable of detecting the systemic cancer of globalist subversion in time, to stop it.

In fact, in Mexico the only existing respective “think tank” is the current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. When he leaves in 2024, a dangerous power vacuum will open, which is the fertile field waiting for the COUNTER-REVOLUTION OF POWER to triumph.

10. Strategic Military Debate in Russia

The birth pangs of the New Penta Centric World Order, with its strategic and military center of gravity in Russia, have led to a Copernican revolution of global thinking on all facets of the dysfunctional contemporary capitalist world system: economic, social, political, cultural, and military. The most advanced intellectual contributions to understanding this transition phase from liberal bourgeois capitalist Democracy to 21st Century Fascism or 21st Century Socialism, have undoubtedly emerged in Russia and, in a different strategic class-perspective, in China.

A pars pro toto of the global trend is the current strategic and geopolitical debate in Russia on the use of nuclear arms, caused by the prolonged U.S. military aggression in Ukraine and its criminal nuclear “first strike doctrine”. The following positions seem to be the most important ones.

Yevgeni Prigozhin: General mobilization, 2 million men army, crush the Ukrainian state rapidly and occupy total Ukraine up to the Polish and the Rumanian borders.

Heinz: This is a culturally, politically, economically and militarily inviable and unsustainable

pseudo-solution to the underlying structural problem.

Dmitry Medvedev: “Russia and other countries could hammer a nail into the coffin of the West’s neo-colonialist aspirations”. Russia will stop “the threat” of Ukraine joining NATO “one way or another.” Nuclear war is “quite probable”. Use nuclear weapons if US insists on regime change.

Senior military officers of the Russian General Staff, including probably Serguéi Surovikin: Use all the superior military potential we have and crush the neo-Nazis in six weeks. Then dictate the terms of the post-war order.

Fyodor Lukyanov, Valdai Club, Bleeding heart pro-western Liberals: “Frozen conflict”, like Corea. Anathema: No use of nuclear weapons.

Heinz: Typical liberal feel-good ideological posture with no basis in reality nor science. Total negation of Darwin´s scientific laws of the biosphere, of which human societies are dependent subsystems. Objectively a pro-imperialist position.

Sergey Karaganov: Carry out a preemptive tactical nuclear strike on “a group of European NATO Satrap States”, if they keep proactively prolonging the U.S. proxy war of aggression against Russia.

Vladimir Putin, as head of state, has to strike a balance between national and geopolitical power vectors pertaining to these different scenarios. He knows, that time works for Russia in many aspects, but it is not clear, whether the U.S. warmongers will cross the red lines of Russian security interests before this window of non-nuclear opportunity for the new Penta Centric World Order closes.

Failed Gringo Coup Against Putin.
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