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US-Backed Kiev Forces May Stage Chemical or Germ Warfare Provocations Close to May 9, Prof Warns

Ekaterina Blinova

The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) said this week it had information on preparations by Kiev's psy-ops military specialists of false-flag attacks in Lisichansk in a bid to blame Russian troops for civilian deaths. Earlier, the MoD revealed that NATO is preparing non-conventional arms provocations in Ukraine.

"NATO is already a criminally active part of the US aggression and, yes, further isolation and weakening of Russia is the objective," says Heinz Dieterich, director of the Centre for Transition Sciences (CTS) at the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City, and coordinator at the World Advanced Research Project (WARP).

According to Dieterich, the goals are to escalate the war by increasing sanctions, delivering more heavy weapons to Ukraine, expanding the war to Russian territory and the territory of Russia's allies, including Transnistria and Belarus, force India, Japan and China to isolate Russia, intensify the global Russophobic propaganda campaign and destroy the core capabilities of Russia's land forces in Ukraine.

The professor alleges that these goals in their turn could help the US-led NATO bloc accomplish three strategic objectives: first, regime change in Russia; second, colonisation of Russia via a neo-liberal puppet government; third, instrumentalising a subservient Russia as a bulwark against China in order to fragment the People's Republic.

On 23 April, Russia's Ministry of Defence (MoD) outlined three possible scenarios developed by the US and NATO to vilify the Russian Federation. According to the MoD, the first scenario might envisage "staged incidents under a false flag" at chemical and biological facilities located in Kharkov and Kiev. The ministry warned that a provocation may also occur at nuclear energy facilities, most probably the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (Zaporizhzhia NPP) currently controlled by Russia.

"In addition, the leadership of Ukraine is seriously considering striking at the radioactive waste storage facility at the former Pridneprovsky Chemical Plant in the village of Kamenskoye in Dnipropetrovsk Region," stated the MoD.

The second scenario refers to a "maximally covert use of weapons of mass destruction in small volumes" for neutralising the will power and capacity to resist within the framework of a particular operational task. It was planned to be implemented at the vast Azovstal steelworks held by Ukrainian neo-Nazi battalions in the city of Mariupol, but was disrupted by Moscow's decision to call off the final assault on the plant, according to the MoD.

The third, and the least probable, is the "overt use of weapons of mass destruction at a combat area" by the Ukrainian military in case of failure to win on the battlefield using conventional weapons. "This scenario was considered for Slavyansk and Kramatorsk that had been transformed into fortified towns," stated the ministry.

White Helmets, British Operatives and False Flags

The US has a long record of using false-flag operations to justify its military intervention, according to Dieterich.

"The reason to do it is that world opinion, though heavily managed by the Western culture industry, still matters for politicians' domestic power interests," the academic says. "That's how Hitler started the Second World War with a false flag attack against Poland; Lyndon B. Johnson the total war against the Vietnamese patriotic forces through the Gulf of Tonkin incident and George Bush the war against Iraq with the lie of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction (WMD)."

Earlier this week, reports emerged that Western-backed so-called "humanitarian" Syrian group the White Helmets had reportedly arrived in Ukraine. Prior to this, the group, officially known as the Syrian Civil Defence, pledged to provide "tutorials" to the Ukrainian forces.

The White Helmets have been repeatedly caught staging false-flag chemical incidents in Syria. Initial training and financial support to the White Helmets was provided by the Mayday Rescue Foundation, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) established by ex-British Army officer James Le Mesurier. The latter was found dead in Istanbul on 11 November 2019, allegedly by suicide. According to The Grayzone, Le Mesurier's group was instrumental in the West's long-standing effort to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

"The speciality of these state terrorist criminal groups, recruited essentially by British (SAS) and US special forces, are false-flag chemical attacks, as we know from their activities in Syria, with a strong psy-war operational component," says Dieterich. "Their attacks, once carried out, are rapidly globalised through their intimate connections with the NATO propaganda machine and supposed 'humanitarian NGOs', which are then picked up by the 'respectable' bourgeois media like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Deutsche Welle, BBC and all the propaganda mafias of the West."

Assuming that White Helmets are on the ground in Ukraine, one might expect them to participate in staged chemical provocations, according to the academic. Dieterich suggests that one should also be prepared for a false flag nuclear attack, like the one that was foiled in Zaporozhye in early March

10 May 2021, 13:27 GMT

In the beginning of March, the Western press circulated claims about the Russians allegedly attacking Ukraine's nuclear facilities, posing the danger of a nuclear disaster and contamination. But it turned out to be Ukrainian sabotage groups who provoked clashes at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) on March 4. Ukrainian units were also detected destroying the power grid facilities that provide electricity to the Chernobyl NPP. Both provocations were thwarted by the Russian military forces with nuclear reactors and critical infrastructure sustaining no damage.

"In order to spoil the anti-fascist Victory celebrations they will try to do it before, but close to, 9 May," Dieterich believes.

US Record of Non-Conventional Weapons Use Triggers Questions

"The United States is the only state in world history that has used all three types of weapons of mass destruction," the Russian MoD emphasised on 23 April. "The dropped nuclear bombs during the Second World War on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the use of toxic chemicals in Vietnam and Iraq - all these crimes were not properly assessed by relevant international organisations."

According to Dieterich, "it would be very relevant to end this agonisingly long period of exemption of punishment for US war crimes or crimes against humanity." He notes that the relevant legal and political precedents are codified in the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials against the Nazi and Japanese war criminals.

According to the academic, the closest example of an investigative body to examine and try the US may have been the Russell Tribunal, also known as the International War Crimes Tribunal, a people’s court organised in Stockholm in 1966 to investigate US foreign policy and its war of aggression in Vietnam.

"Unfortunately, however, as long as the power elites of Atlantic Imperialism – the US and the EU – dominate the global system, that is not going to happen," says Dieterich. "Just look at the political assassination of Julian Assange by the two oldest bourgeois democracies: the UK and the US. They 'kill' him before the eyes of the world and no one can stop it."

Similarly, it is in the interest of humanity to thoroughly investigate current US activities around Washington's network of overseas biological research facilities — and apparent involvement in the development of bioweapons, according to the academic. On March 8, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian announced that the US Department of Defence controls 336 biolabs across 30 countries under the pretext of joint work to reduce biosecurity risks and strengthen global health. Zhao stressed that the US rejects international inspections of these facilities — triggering suspicions about the genuine purposes of US-led bio-research overseas.

"It will have to be a powerful state that convenes the best and most ethical minds of global society to create a much needed New Global Forum for the 21st Century Against War, Exploitation and Fascism," Dieterich concludes.

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US-Backed Kiev Forces May Stage Chemical or Germ Warfare Provocations Close to May 9, Prof Warns
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